Even we got our Robin Cook, Megan Hunt- in the making! Alka- I am not overstating your potential- just laying the bare facts down- lady- you got it in you! 45 days in a cancer hospital is a standing proof.
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A medical murder mystery, with an interesting plot that successfully hooks the reader all through it.
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These days I am into British born mysteries. Swept clean- the Cold Case and Grimm series- and now holding on to SOS- Sea of Souls! Read More
You might argue- that a book written by a woman is bound to portray feminine flavor- but Alka score well beyond this hypothesis. Her male characters are well formed with their high and low characteristics well in place. It shows that the writer has put in a lot of research. Read More
All the characters in the novel are brilliantly etched, so much so that you could be provoked into suspecting one or all of them. Read More
Life is more like a dissected phase- and a certain amount of confinement is sure to drive you hungry for thrill. 45 days in a cancer hospital by Alka Dimri Saklani was a fitful inclusion to such boring confinement. Read More
Well- it was on long suffering and melancholic- but thanks to the thrilling plot. Medical novels especially those from overseas- have drawn my attention away from my musical pursuits. Read More
The first verdict after reading 45 days in a Cancer hospital-by Alka Dimri Saklani- I could not stop myself from throwing suspicious looks at my neighbors. Read More
The author has carved a good plot that keeps the reader intrigued throughout the book. The situations have been smartly linked to form the plot. Read More

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